I like writing poems – but my inspiration comes once in a blue moon. I only write when the opportunity arises.

Science Poem

Science Poem

This poem was written for English Broadcasting Day. It was read by one of my Grade 7 students:

School Time
School time is a time of learning
Of the past, present and future
Keeping our aspirations burning
Till we grow, develop and mature.

In (name of school) we learn how to read
To add, multiply and write
We are taught the meaning of true friendship
And stopping ourselves from foolish fights

Our teachers teach us how to lead
To push our fears away
To make us believe in ourselves
To never leave our dreams astray

Our talents and skills are polished
Variety of experiences are gained
Our thoughts and intellects are inspired
Our hidden talents are unchained

How fortunate we are to be in (name of school)
This exciting, wonderful school
That has shaped and molded our characters
And fill our hearts with knowledge bountiful

To all the teachers, staff and monitors
Who have guided and paved our way
Your sacrifices are fully appreciated and
A big thank you is all we can say

This poem was written for my daughter – she has to make a class presentation:-
My Mother
My Mother …..is like an owl, with big, sharp eyes
Always attentive and full of advice
Snooping up my phone to uncover my ‘lies’
Or calling up my friends to detect my smallest vice

Drink your milk and eat your vegetables, she’d say
Or I’ll tell your father if you fail to obey
Don’t shout, curse and whine or you’ll pay
I’ll cut your allowance and in your room you’ll stay the whole day.

Study, study, study and do your homework, she’ll nag
So that my future will not be a drag
Shut down the computer and take off your earphone
“Stop acting blur” or I’ll confiscate your phone.

What kind of person do you want to be?
A lawyer, a teacher, a doctor or a monkey?
Clean up your act and aim for your targets
Or you’ll end up in KFC, frying chicken and nuggets

O mother, someday I will surely know
That I will reap the rewards of the seeds that you sow
Your words of wisdom are like ingots of gold
That will mould my character, my virtues and soul.

This poem was written for a fellow teacher who was posted to another school:-
Once there was a gentleman
Who was lovingly known as Uncle (name of the teacher)
He stands tall and always clean-shaven
But his voice thunders across the heavens

Previously held the post of English HOD
But now famously known as the SSD
When he’s happy, he’ll laugh with a glee
But when angry, it’s better that you don’t see

Your leaving us is something we cannot vie
We’ll have to swallow it in sadness and with a sigh
But let us tell you that you’re really a fantastic guy
Who’s always there to give comments and advice

This poem was written for my son:-
The Son
The son fretted and asked to be paid,
Whenever his dad asks him to help at the farm.
“Teenagers don’t do this kind of stuff” he said,
Why must I go?” he always asked his mum.

Be good I said, don’t be like that,
It’s holidays and also the summer month.
Go flex your muscles and don’t be a brat,
Helping your dad is sure going to be fun.

I can’t be away from my Mac he protested,
My ‘league of legends’ and all kinds of internet games.
The dung stinks and the animals maybe infected,
Oh please help me I have terrible migraines.

A few weeks passed and dutifully he followed,
His dad to the farm daily from 4 to 7.
His anger diminished and his mood mellowed,
He finally confessed he loves going to the farm from 4 to 7.

Feeding the birds and the different kinds of mammal,
Is a joy that he can’t really describe or clearly depict.
But frankly what he enjoys most of all,
Is chasing the chickens and squeezing the ducks or chicks.

And as the days passed till this very day,
I noticed him ‘ransacking’ our humble home library.
For books and encyclopedias about animals I would say,
And for hours he will read without being weary.

Sometimes, all we need is a little push,
To bring our techno-kids back to nature and be around the bush.
And now to me he solemnly declares,
A zoologist, botanist, nutritionist or a veterinarian one day he will be, he swears.

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