Today’s Students

Today’s student generation has other expectations of teachers and does not automatically accept their expertise. Students have grown up within a more horizontal culture of negotiation instead of a more hierarchical culture, and they expect teachers to be open and willing to discuss matters with them, including their grades. In addition to this ‘horizontalization’ of relationships, students have grown up in an information age in which knowledge and expertise are easily available on the Internet. The teacher is therefore no longer automatically accepted as an authority, and has to gain – and be granted with – authority on the basis of trust. Moreover, in a hyper-culture of fragmentation and instant consumption (“I want it all, and I want it now”, to cite Freddy Mercury) students expect teachers to be performers entertaining them with videos, stories and other catchy materials. Not all teachers are willing and equipped to handle these expectations. These teachers are unwilling because they know that good teaching is more than satisfying students. Learning often includes perturbations and confusing disruptions, which are not always pleasurable when they occur, but of great importance in the longer run (Niessen, 2003).” (Tineke A.Abma, 2016)

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