Classroom Decor Inspiration from “Inspiration Quotes”

IMG_2892In a month of so, most teachers will be scavenging around for ideas on classroom decor.  I just want to share my own classroom decor for the academic year 2017-2018.  My co-teacher and I decided to do something simple but couldn’t agree on anything.  Then my daughter suggested doing a ‘photo frame’ theme (as below), but instead of putting photos, we opted for ‘Inspirational Words’ or ‘Words of Wisdom’.


So we called up each student in our class list (we were actually still on holidays) and told them to each find inspirational quotes which inspire them and write a short paragraph of the reasons why.  We printed the quotes and mounted them on self-made frames, made out of glitter foams.  Our main color theme was blue and gold.  We added some simple decorations using ribbons and rosettes made of glitter foams.  Check out how they looked like on our classroom walls.  Getting the kids to partake in classroom decoration is brilliant as it gives them a sense of pride, belonging and responsibility in the class.

IMG_2938IMG_2936 - CopyIMG_2935IMG_2909 - CopyIMG_2905 - CopyIMG_2892 - Copy

I also made my own 3-D poster of inspirational quote and posters to encourage my kids to read.  Reading is indeed the key to all knowledge.  (Glitter foams is a good choice for 3-D art)







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