It’s not about hate….

It’s not about hate

that the ‘whites’ don’t like the ‘blacks’.

It’s the issue of pride,

and humility that are of lack.


It’s not about hate

that one religion hates the other.

It’s the issue of arrogance,

that has caused one to turn against his brother.


It’s not about hate

that one race despises another.

It’s the issue of conceit,

that is brewing from under.


It’s not about hate,

that is causing all the world’s troubles

it’s pride, arrogance and conceit,

the culprits of all the piles of rubbles.


If only we could stamp them out,

pride, arrogance and conceit,

We will surely eliminate

the egoists, egotists and egocentrics.


Let’s be like the piano

where ebony and ivory live together.

Embrace each other lovingly,

and smother discrimination forever.

It’s not about hate……….

piano by TheresaKnott