Colored Chicks

Have you seen colored chicks?  I have never.  My husband came home today with a bunch of them.  Aren’t they gorgeous and cute?

colored-chicks-3colored-chicks-4 I’ve seen and tried making colored corn while teaching Science in Singapore, but I never knew that chicks can be colored.

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Colored Corn Photo by Tim Canwell

But oh!  I can’t stop watching them.  I asked my husband if it’s natural or dyed and he doesn’t know – he bought them from a supplier in Cairo for 50 piaster per chick (50 cents Egyptian Pound).

Intrigued by this, I started googling and found some information which I will share a little bit here.

These chicks have actually been dyed to identify chicks from different groups of eggs.  It is also done in many wildlife management studies.  Is it safe?  Well – it’s controversial. Eggs in the 11th to 14th incubation period are injected with natural  non-toxic dyes.  Lots of sterilization and hygiene procedures.  If properly done, it should not harm the unborn chick but death may occur if otherwise.  That’s why, in some states, this activity is banned.

The dye will come off though, as the chicks shed their old feathers.

You can check out this link if you want to know how it’s done.

I know some advocates for animal rights may not agree to this, but I think no one can deny the aesthetic beauty of these colored chicks.


Infinite Opportunities

An infinite number of water droplets is involved to make this rainbow,

An infinite number of opportunities is created every second you know.



Get out, seek out, don’t be intimidated by the fiery sun,

In time you will find the golden treasure, believe me it’s not a pun.


An infinite number of afflictions for sure you will face,

But an infinite number of solutions will help you win the race.

So go out and grab as many of the infinite opportunities,

You will never regret and you will live to tell others your success stories.