I want to be carefree.

To be free of problems and worries.

But the world doesn’t let me.

It fills me up with afflictions and agonies.


I want to be carefree.

To feel nonchalant, insouciant and disinterested.

But some incidents don’t let me.

They make me agitated, frustrated and intimidated.


I want to be carefree.

To walk around freely and enjoy life.

But some chowderheads don’t let me.

They caused tribulations and lots of strife.


So what do we have to do to be carefree?

Will someone please tell me how?

Can we just call the angel or a fairy?

Who can destroy all felons with a “POW”?


Only God knows when we can be carefree.

Because He created this world with a plan.

He will make things right and eliminate the felony.

And bring peace as far as the eyes can span.



3 thoughts on “Carefree”

  1. to be carefree is dependent on your inner state and has almost nothing to do what happens around you. It is a state of mind, a way of being, it is possible to achieve by working on our beliefs and convictions šŸ™‚

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    1. Very true indeed. That’s why I believe I, as well as others are still sane and can continue with our daily life. Because some where deep down inside us we know that a rainbow comes out only after a rain.
      Thanks for the comment.


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