Nubian Village in Aswan Islands

If you happen to plan a trip to Egypt, don’t forget to book the Luxor-Aswan Nile Cruise.  You will not regret it.  (Photos from the ship taken by my daughter).


And if you do go on that cruise, don’t miss out on taking a boat trip to the Nubian Village.

Shahy.Nubian Village
Photo taken by a friend of mine- Shahy (Edenofknowledge)

The Nubian Village is located at the bottom of the Elephantine Island along the west bank of the Nile river south of Aswan.  The Nubians are ancient tribes who live peacefully away from the main island of Egypt.  Going to that island is like visiting a whole new world and civilization altogether.

There are three Nubian Villages on Suhail Island, set in a beautiful natural landscape. What amaze me most are their beautifully decorated and colorful houses, the sand-covered floor and the open roof for ventilation which cool the houses especially in summer. Summer temperature is the highest in Aswan, in the whole of Egypt.  Drop by at any house and get a glimpse of their culture, history and lifestyle.  The market sells handmade sewn cotton scarves, a variety of spices and herbs and many other handmade souvenirs and other gorgeous paraphernalia.

 Nubians are friendly and hospitable.  We were invited to their homes and we were served tea, Egyptian coffee and Hibiscus tea or ‘Karkade’. I didn’t drink any because I have a particular ‘phobia’ with food handling by unregistered food servers.  (I’ve had bad experiences you see).
While sitting around at their courtyards, I felt like going to the washroom.  My husband showed me where the washroom was but I was skeptical to use it as I am very particular about hygiene and am obsessed with hygiene especially in washrooms.  But my husband pestered me to go as we still have many places to visit and he assured me that it was clean. So off I entered the washroom and my, to my surprise, it was amazingly clean and almost spotless.I take back my impression that village people are unhygienic.  They definitely know the importance of cleanliness.
To my surprise, I realized I didn’t take any photograph of the Nubian houses. Silly me. I only have the picture above, taken by my friend who took the cruise a few days earlier than me.
The rest of the pictures below are taken from the internet – all photos are credits of these travel & tour webpages – Memphis Tours, blackhorsetravel and flywellegypt.

Shaspo.Nubian Village

Memphis Tours.Nubian Village 2

flywellegypt.Nubian Village

Blackhorsetravel.Nubian Village 2

Blackhorsetravel.Nubian Village 1

Memphis Tours.Nubian Village 1

Aren’t they gorgeous?


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