Life is Never Empty

Life is never empty.  It’s always full of things.  Just like a glass which looks empty, but actually is full of air and microscopic things.

Money will not fill up your life fully.  Nor will wealth and fame.  In fact they are specious folly.  That trick and disillusion you in a game of maim.

You may not have family.  But you will always have friends.  You may not have friends, but you will always have neighbors.  Even if you claim you don’t have neighbors, there will always be somebody who needs your help. An orphan, a victim, a patient, the sick, the old, the underprivileged, the homeless, the handicapped, or the loner, just like you.


So, go out and find them and they will soon be your neighbors, where you will visit them often.  Or your friends whom you will talk to and maybe they will become your family, to share your happiness and problems.

Then only will you find your life fulfilled – no longer empty. Because now, it will be filled with kindness, generosity, sympathy, empathy, sharing, caring and love.

Life is never empty.


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