Sharing Resources

While planning my lessons, I usually like to google for resources – videos, worksheets, powerpoint slides etc – but more often than not, I am not able to download the resources unless I pay a certain fee. It gets frustrating sometimes though I fully understand why the owner puts a fee to his/her resources. That’s how life is – Sharing is caring, but if you can make money out of it, why not? Nothing is free in this world – everything has a price.

Here, in my blog, I am sharing my resources – worksheets, poems, activities, my students’ projects etc, etc….- if you like them, you may use them – but link it back to me please. It’s basic courtesy to acknowledge the owner’s efforts, don’t you think?

Some of my resources or ideas, I may have taken from other websites – and modify to suit my own activities. Whenever possible, I will link them back to the owner or the websites but those that I have saved and downloaded since donkey years ago, I may have lost the link – so I apologize to the respective owners.

Do feel free to give comments – positive or constructive. Positive because we humans always like a pat on the back sometimes. Constructive because I always believe there’s no best, there’s always better.